Welcome to the Mematic Support page! If you need help, first check if your question is answered in the FAQ section below. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, open Mematic on your phone, head to the “More” menu, and tap the “Support” option to send us an email. This ensures your query reaches the right person to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my created content private?

All content created with Mematic is generated locally on your device and not automatically shared. Rest assured, nobody can see your creations, not even the developer, unless you choose to share them.

How can I suggest meme templates?

To suggest meme templates for inclusion in Mematic’s built-in gallery, use the “Feedback” option in the app and send images via email. Please note, we cannot guarantee that all suggested images will be included.

How can I share meme templates with friends?

Mematic offers the option to add custom media template collections, which are hosted on your own server. However, they cannot be created or shared within the app. Find instructions on creating media template collections at

Can I transfer my subscription between platforms?

Mematic for Android and Mematic for iPhone are separate products. Android subscriptions are tied to your Google account, and iPhone subscriptions are tied to your Apple ID. Unfortunately, subscriptions cannot be transferred between platforms.

How do I cancel my subscription?

For iOS users, Apple handles your subscription. You can manage and cancel it in the Settings app, or directly access this setting by selecting “Manage subscription” in Mematic’s “More” menu.

For Android users, Google handles your subscription. Manage and cancel it in the Google Play app, or simply choose “Manage subscription” in the “More” menu in Mematic.

How can I request a refund?

If you have an iOS subscription, you’ll need to contact Apple Support for refunds. Find contact options here:

For Android subscriptions, request a refund through Google here:

Still have questions? Feel free to send us an email using the “Support” option within Mematic. We’re here to help!